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What makes a man fall in love with a woman?

Question: Why do you love her?

Answer: I don’t know, all I know is that I’m madly in love with her.

The above question was what I asked one of my male friends that came complaining to me about his girlfriend’s attitude towards him; stating it clearly that he can’t let her go even in the manner she was treating him.

Funny as it may sound, most men don’t even know why they are in love with their women, and neither do they know when the love started developing.

Hey ladies, I want you to know that your physical looks are not enough to make him fall in love with you for a long-lasting period. Yes! I said that. You can attract a man with your looks but you can’t keep him with that.

Men need more than your beauty to fall in love with you. If it’s only your beauty that you are bringing to the table of a man, then be prepared to be played with just like the kids play with their doll and get tired someday.

It is very simple to attract a man, but it is a hell of work to keep him. So you need to build yourself in a way that when a man falls in love with you, it will be for real. I’m going to list the four qualities that you need to develop as a woman to make any man fall in love with you for real.

Good communication skills

The power of communication cannot be over-emphasized. The way you relate with a man will reveal your worth to him. Just by simple communication, he will perceive the level of your reasoning and if your reasoning level is high, he will open up to you more and more, thereby deepening the communication between you two.

This is actually the first step in the journey of love between a man and a woman and is the only way you can get a man to open up his dreams, visions, goals and secrets to you. Once he has started telling you his secrets, dreams and aspirations, it will not stop and that is how the likeness grows. This will lead us to the second quality…


Good understanding skills

Understanding and good communication skills are in connection with each other because, if you lack understanding, you can’t communicate reasonably. I have heard men confess that it’s only their women that understand them.

Sometimes, you just need to think out of the box of womanhood and think like a man. Imagine what you would have done about this or that if you were him.

Whether we admit it or not, it is not easy to be a man, that is why they need you to always understand every situation they find themselves and proffer solutions that he would forever cherish.

Understanding a man is a virtue not every woman has; so you need to build yourself in a way that he perceives you as a very understanding woman. A man can give his all to the woman that understands him perfectly and that includes his love.

Good listening ability

If as a woman you are always quick to talk, then you have to work on that. Men love it when they are listened to, because, that is the only time they get to express their true feelings over any situation. But when you are in the habit of cutting him short, he would always prefer to keep his feelings to himself and that is bad.

You would hear people tell you that men are like babies without giving you the reason behind such saying; this is just one of the reasons. Just like kids, they always want to be listened to.

Without good listening ability, you can’t understand and communicate because you would always cut short the message before it finally lands. If you develop a good listening ability as a woman, it will not only help you to attract a man to yourself but will also make you a better woman in the eyes of other women. Talk less and listen to him more for a better understanding.

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Build your intelligent quotient (IQ)

Just as I said earlier on this piece, you need to develop your level of intelligence especially with the environment you find yourself. In Nigeria for instance, there is recession and you don’t expect to attract a man with your lists of make-ups and clothes you need to buy. That man will simply leave you to that hard working woman that is trying to make a living for herself because both will always reason alike.

When I talk about intelligence I’m not referring to the classroom type of intelligence, neither am I saying that it’s not important. You need to be aware of your environment and reason along side with what is happening.

Develop yourself along side with your reasoning and you will notice the difference in the class of men that will be attracted to you.

Gone are the days when we women had only our beauty to bring to the table. Statistics have it that the number of women out-weighs the number of men. That’s why you need to build yourself in an extra-ordinary way to attract an extra-ordinary man too.

If you can improve on these four qualities, I assure you can get any man of your choice to fall in love with you for real.

Thanks for stopping by to read this, I will love to listen to your opinions and questions on this via your comments below, remember! We always look out for each other at www.mysugarcandy.com Stay cool!

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