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How to take care of yourself as a woman: simple things that keep your man committed

Taking good care of your body should be an integral part of you as a young growing woman. You should cultivate the habit of staying healthy and grooming yourself well. What you don’t know about your man is that he does pay attention to how you treat yourself especially when it has to do with healthy living. It gives him clue on how you will handle the home when he has probably made you his wife.  The following will outline how you can achieve a healthy living as a young woman:

Exercising is good for you to stay fit
Workouts or exercise is also essential for you to live healthy. You can start small like for 20-30 minutes daily. You can decide to walk or do some sports that you enjoy. Even before going to bed in the night, you can stretch yourself for like 10-15 minutes. It sure does help for a better sleep and equally leaves you feeling great the next morning.

Maintain  your teeth and gum by changing your brush frequently

Many don’t know the importance of changing their tooth brushes as often as possible. But you change clothes very often and on, forgetting an important part of your health like your tooth brush. You should cultivate the habit of changing your toothbrush at least within three months interval, and brush at least two times daily.  Bad mouth odor can be a turn off to your partner; your oral health is vital please stop neglecting that!

During your menstrual period strive to smell fresh
During your menses, endeavor to change your pad/tampon every four hours interval to avoid smelling and getting all stained. Apart from the early pains experienced by some women during menstruation, the person next to you shouldn’t notice that you are on your period. Naturally, this irritates so many men, but if you can try as much as possible to stay fresh and clean, he will hardly notice the difference between your period and your free days.

The habit of drinking water frequently
Water is one of the classes of food but many do neglect it. As a food, it means it should be taken often and more frequent. Water helps in detoxification of your body system, which means it flushes out toxins in your body. Cultivate some morning rituals like the intake of water first before any other food in the morning. Take enough of it; excess of water intake can never be harmful to you.

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Bathe regularly and maintain your hair too
Bathing two or three times daily is good because it will leave you feeling refreshed and smelling nice always. Use soaps and cream that are compatible with your skin type to bring out that glowing part of you. Your hair should not be left out too, wash with shampoo and conditioner when dirty because; it stands to be another turn-off for your partner if you wear a bad smelling hair often.

Keep your nails clean and well trimmed
One of the first places a man looks at a woman is on her fingernails; the next is your toenails. Keep your nails clean and well trimmed, if you must paint them; they should equally be done neatly. Don’t always eat your nails, it can be very unattractive and uncivil.

Washing your face and maintaining it from disturbing pimples
I can vividly remember my high school days when I used to be ashamed of my face to the extent that if I’m asked who my best friend was; my answer will be pimples. It wasn’t funny then, but now it’s history.

Please it is not advisable to wear your makeup and sleep. Always try to wash your face regularly especially if you have an oily face. Use facial products that are favorable and suitable to your skin and always remember to wash them off with warm water. Anti-Eczema face wash can equally be used if you have eczema on your face.

Shave off unwanted hairs from your body parts
Armpit hairs can be very irritating and unattractive. You should not keep such hairs because they tend to smell badly too.  Use any hair removal that you are comfortable with or you can equally shave manually but with caution not to cut yourself. Please do not neglect your pubic hairs too, because most times it contributes to the causes of smelling vagina, which can be very embarrassing. Keep yourself clean and remember not to shave the hairs on your face, it can be very dangerous.

Eating well with a proper nutrition guide
You have to always strive to eat right to remain healthy. Try as much as you can to avoid unhealthy meals or put them under moderation if you love them. Eat healthy foods often and try to develop a proper nutrition guide that will be of help. Incorporating veggies and fruits daily is encouraged for you to attain a balanced dieting. Starting might be a little bit difficult for you but if you are really determined to stay healthy; it will become part of you.

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Sleeping well is important
Sleeping well for about 7-8 hours daily is very necessary. It helps relieve your body of oxidative stress accumulated during your day-to-day activities. Lack of sleep can leave you feeling fatigued thereby reducing your productivity during the day. Stop robbing yourself off sleep because it must tell on you later on.

Dress smartly and decent
Dressing is another part of healthy living because if you always wear dirty clothes, you will be endangering your health and that of others. It is part of you and equally defines you. Be the smartly dressed and decent woman; don’t always dress to kill because you might be killing your own personality instead. Be smart, decent and clean.

Let your attitude be attractive
Your happiness and smile is enough attraction to anyone. When you are always cheerful, it keeps people around you happy. People around you will always refer to you as a nice woman; but when the reverse is the case, it will definitely scare people away. Live a healthy and happy lifestyle; it brings peace to you and others around you.

No man loves a carefree woman especially when it comes to healthy living; even a dirty man craves to have a clean woman. Take good care of yourself as a woman, who knows! You might even be a role model to many.

Thanks for stopping by to read this, I will love to listen to your opinions and questions on this via your comments below, remember! We always look out for each other at mysugarcandy.com Stay cool!

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