How Do I know She is the Right Woman for Me

How Do I know She is the Right Woman for Me?

One of my favorite uncles visited last month and I started teasing him about marriage, he bluntly told me that he hasn’t seen the right woman for me. I couldn’t help but laugh at him. He asked to know what was funny about what he said. I simply answered him by rephrasing his question: “Uncle, how do you know the right woman?“. Lo and behold, he couldn’t say anything tangible and that got me thinking.

prevent your man from cheating on you

13 Things You Should Do To Prevent Your Man From Cheating On You

If you read the love story of my friend Becky in the part one of this post, you will have no option than to feel pity for her. But what if there was something she was supposed to do, but wasn’t doing it? After deep analysis of their situation, I understood that there were many things she would have done to help prevent her man from cheating on her in the relationship, which led to the ugly situation she encountered. This is what I will share with you so that you can avoid it and have your man wanting you and you alone. So what does your man really want from you so he won’t have to look elsewhere? Let’s look at it:

keep your man from cheating

How To Keep Your Man From Cheating On You

Around 9:05pm, I heard disturbing knocks on the door and when I finally summed up the courage to open up, it was my close friend Rebeca, whom we all called Becky. She is a tall, huge, dark skinned and above all very pretty woman who was always full of life. But this time, she was drained with her own tears. Looking through those wet eyes of hers, I saw a hopeless woman who was ready to end life at that minute. “Come here darling” was the words that came out of my mouth out of pity. She gave me a strong embrace that made me feel she never wanted me to lose grip of her. At that point, I managed to close the door after us and led her to the closest couch. “What’s the problem?” I asked immediately.

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