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We met at a colleague’s engagement party. As usual, I was late. Most people were already into their third glass of wine. But then, I had to stay back late at the office and work. I spotted him almost immediately I stepped into the dimly lit hallway. People were standing in pairs or in a group, talking and laughing. He stood alone by the door. Sipping from a glass and looking unwelcome. I took my eyes off him and searched for our host, who was at a far corner of the room, having a chat with some guests. I walked up to them and exchanged pleasantries.

30minutes later, I chanced a look towards the door and saw him staring straight at me. Our eyes collided. We stared at each other for almost 8 seconds before I lowered my gaze. It was pure magic. Something drew us together across the full room. He was not handsome. Just attractive in a roguish way. Suddenly, He walked up to me and tapped my arm.
“Hello. Do you mind?” He asked, shifting me aside by the arm. 
“Excuse me.” I said to my host who was engrossed in conversation with three other people, and followed the stranger across the room to a silent spot.
“After an hour, these parties get lame and all I want to do is get out.” He said, looking at me.
“Well, I’m exhausted and wouldn’t mind leaving either.” I replied, taking a sip from my glass. 
“Your place or mine?” He asked with a slight smile.
I should have been outraged at his blatant forwardness. I should have felt offended by his insinuations. But I didn’t. I opened my mouth to form a reply but couldn’t find my voice.
“Don’t worry, my place is a bachelor’s shack and probably not a good idea. I sighted a nice restaurant across the road. Dinner would do me good right now.” He said, laughing. 

I looked up at him and knew what type of dinner I’d rather have right now. I could feel some heat emanating from my torso. I wanted to reach up and brush away the hair scattered over his forehead. I wanted to reach up and plant a kiss on those lips. But then, 9years in an Irish school taught me better.
“I’m famished too. I rushed over here straight from the office. By the way, I’m Anna” I said, dropping my empty glass on a counter top and extending my hand to him for a handshake. 
He took my extended hand and raised it up to his lips, and brushed a kiss across it. He lingered there for two more seconds before releasing my hand. An involuntary shiver passed through my body. I knew I was unhinged.


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Miss Marline is a romance story author who has penned some of the best romantic fiction stories. Unlike other contemporary writers, Miss Marline romance stories intersperse love with societal elements having a great deal of emphasis on social norms and female characters.

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