Jealousy is the ugliest trait every woman should avoid

JEALOUSY IS A KILLER: STOP KILLING HIM WITH YOUR JEALOUSY (How Jealousy Destroys Relationships and Why You Should Stop It)

Do you know that Jealousy and self-esteem issues can imprison a man just the way it does to you as a woman?

I bet you never considered the saying, “no one is excused from real human emotions,” because emotions know no face, color, size or gender. There are two victims here, not just one.

Remember that your relationship is a partnership. It is a commitment made between two people that have promised to stand by each other through thick and thin. Unfortunately, when it is a jealousy issue, both parties are affected.

To be accused by the one you love is a very hurtful feeling that no one can bear for a long time.

Time after time, he will constantly be reassuring you that he loves you and that he is neither interested nor lusting for anyone else. But when he says those reassuring words, it fails to stick to your head because your insecurity level is already on the high side.

What does he do then?

He becomes paranoid because, no matter where he is and what he does, you are already convinced that he has betrayed you in some way, which is very bad for a healthy relationship.

He will patiently be waiting for the shoe to drop and probably prepare a defense ahead of it. Sometimes it takes a few days, sometimes it drops immediately.

This will keep him worried about when it will drop. He might even be scared that this time he will not be able to say the right thing. He may fear that you will get more depressed and irrational with what he says to you.

This may trigger the feelings of “damned if she does, and damned if she doesn’t”.

The truth is that I personally hate that feeling. To think that I myself would put someone in that position makes me want to run away faster than Usain Bolt.

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You need to know that such neglect through your insecurities and jealousy shows you trust him less.

Yes! There are many scenarios as to why jealousy rises up inside people, but what about the innocent victims? Those innocent ones that really do not ever do anything to trigger that fear inside you are the innocent victims.

Jealousy can destroy so many good things in your relationship, which is why you shouldn’t give room to it. It can take away the one thing that you love deeply if you allow it.

Would you take a gun and shoot your man? Hell No!! So then why are you allowing this emotion to torture what is so dear to you?

I repeat, as long as he is not responsible for your fears or if he is, have made amends, and is trying to make things better, don’t frustrate him with your jealousy; you need to understand his pains of being mistrust.

When he sees you in pains and knowing he is responsible for that can crumble him.

He loves you as much as you love him, and to feel he is responsible for your trapped feelings eats him up. To see you smile and feel totally loved makes him feel good about himself, knowing that he is responsible for that smile. That is a good feeling for men.

Also, be careful not to fall into that habit of being unhappy because of your feelings of jealousy.
Do not let jealous emotions take over and confuse your happy relationship.  Don’t entertain negative feelings that can bring you down. Be cautious of what you feel.


Jealousy is the ugliest trait every woman should avoid because; it can destroy your happy relationship forever. Don’t make yourself the most dangerous woman because of your insecurities and jealousy. You need to live, love and laugh more in your relationship; it keeps your man healthy.

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Thanks for stopping by to read this, I will love to listen to your opinions and questions on this via your comments below, remember! We always look out for each other Stay cool!



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