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I Want To Win Her From Another, Can I Do That?

I know you have been in a situation where you approached a beautiful girl but were heartbroken with the “I’m in love with another” answer she gave you.

Nevertheless, you don’t expect a gorgeously looking girl not to be in a relationship nor do you? With such looks, you should always prepare for answers like that or equally get ready to compete with other guys that might equally share same interest as yours.

I’m in love with another or already taken should always be expected, what you should be looking for is how to win her love and forget her present guy for good. This is exactly what this article will unveil to you. Let us start by listing different steps that will make her change her “I’m in love with another” anthem to “I’m in love with you”.

# Step 1

Start with friendship (and nothing more than friendship): Yes! You find her very attractive but hide that part of your feeling in other to win her love. Always appreciate her personality not her looks because; if you are in the habit of appreciating her looks often, it will make her feel uncomfortable around you (and remember she has a boyfriend). Appreciate her for who she is or what she does, and don’t overdo the praise. Grant her some level of personal space before she will remind you of her “I’m in love with another” anthem.

# Step 2

Spend some time with her, by doing some work together to develop friendship bonds: For you to nurture and grow your friendship to a bonding level (which is necessary for her to reverse her “I’m in love with another” sermon to “I’m in love with you”), doing an act of service work together is very important. It is during such course that you both can communicate deep, into issues that you can’t discuss ordinarily.  You can help cook a meal or pick her up from appointments without expecting any reward in return. You should be willing to extend favors to her if you can because; it will solidify your reliability in her mind.

# Step 3

You can make her laugh by creating funny jokes: Laughter can strengthen your friendship with her and at same time elevates mood too. The humor that comes with your jokes and laughter will constantly attract her to you to the extent that she will find herself laughing in her solitude when she remembers any of your jokes. It works as simple as this, before you know it, the company of her present boyfriend will start irritating her and she will start running to you. She will start avoiding her “I’m in love with another” anthem around you. However, don’t forget you both are just friends in other not to over step your bounds.

# Step 4

Don’t put up the flirting attitude around her, always be your true self: Try as much as you can to put away that romantic part of you before she will easily misunderstand you. Always remember that you both are just friends before you ruin all your efforts, which she will not hesitate to remind you that she has a boyfriend in case you must have forgotten. Just be yourself and don’t constantly impress her by the things you do and how you do them.

# Step 5

Give her a listening ear and comfort her if the need arises: Every woman wants to be listened to and she is not an exception. I’m in love with another anthem can stop if you show her that she can always talk to you.  Give her your undivided attention especially when she is getting emotional about what is a problem or her dreams in life. Comfort her when she is in any kind of pain or stress without getting all romantic or intimate in other to earn her trust.

# Step 6

This is the time for you to unveil your true feelings towards her: At this particular step, I want you to bear two important things in mind: you can ruin both your friendship and your intended desires since you found it difficult to wrap your mind around the fact that she is taken. It is a 70/30 chance and don’t be destabilized if she still repeats her usual “I’m in love with another” anthem; it can just be her own way of telling you to give her some time to re-adjust.  Don’t feel bad that you expressed your true feelings towards her because you want more than just friends with her. It is not bad that you let her know that you were tired of been placed in the friend-zone. Make her know that your intentions were never to betray your friendship but you fell in love, as the time spent together became part of you. If after your efforts and she kept reciting the “I’m in love with another” anthem, just tell her that you will be waiting if she feels same way for you now or later in life. Don’t make her feel victimized with your words, be careful to still talk within check because: in her solitude she will carefully ponder through each of the words you said to her.

At the end of these steps, you might be 70% lucky to win the fight with her “I’m in love with another” boyfriend and you will now be the I’m in love with you guy; what a dream come true. I want you to still respect and honor her decisions if she strongly holds on to her boyfriend without looking your way. You should have been expecting such anyway; moreover, you decided to try it out on someone that is already taken.







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