the misunderstood woman


Even though I wasn’t expecting it, he drew me close with his right hand and whispered to my left ear, “Promise me that our next meeting will be in my house”.

To be candid, I was disappointed. I was expecting something different, but I had to hide my disappointment and pretended to be normal.

ME: Sure! I promise, you just send me the address later in the week.

REX: Thank you…seriously I had fun.

ME: Same here dear…. (As he gently unlocks the door and we both steps out).

REX: Do you really have to walk me to my car?

ME: Yes, just as you helped me unlock the door (and we both laughed about it).

He held my right hand as we walked down the staircase, I must admit; it felt really good. It has been a while I felt a gentle man like REX hold me so innocently.

Finally, we were downstairs, and he got closer to his car.

REX: Alright dear….we will talk on phone (he said those words while unlocking his car).

ME: Alright… “Take care,” I quickly added.

REX: Be careful as you climb the stairs, wouldn’t want you hurting yourself (saying such romantic words with a sincere smile).

ME: (laughs) “I promise to be careful,” I replied…

He entered into his 2016 model TOYOTA Highlander and locked his driver’s door, ready to drive out.

I made my way upstairs immediately to avoid my nosy neighbor’s questions.

Getting to my door, she just showed up “Oh! God, what a wasted effort,” I told myself.

“Ucee! Ucee!, This your “catch” no bad oo,” she said (in pigeon English).

Onyinye! nwanyi onu ugba (in Igbo language, which means, “Onyinye, the lady that talks too much”), so you don weigh my catch through your gossip window….abi? I asked her without mincing words.

Yes oo, and I must confess the guy di together,” she retorted.

Onyinye is my direct nosy neighbor that hears and translates everything that happens in the compound. She is a fair, slim and tall beautiful lady that owns a beauty shop down the street. She is still single and in her early 30’s.


She is a free spirited lady that says everything she sees, the way she sees them. She is fun to be with because her Igbo language is very thick and can crack you up for a whole day. So we always communicate in pigeon English.

ONYINYE: Babe! Hold this one tight oo.

ME: Onyinye I don hear…can I now enter my house in peace?

ONYINYE: No oo, biko come and gist me naa.

ME: I no get gist for you oo (as I unlock my door)

ONYINYE: Babe no be like this oo.

ME: (Enters my house) Onyinye later oo.

Entering my house, I found out that a little of his glass of smoothie spilled on the floor and I moved straight to get a mop to clean it up.

While cleaning, I started going through our discussions in my mind; his smiles, the sweet smell of his cologne and his eyes that was stuck on me…what a date!

“Rex is a gentle man,” I told myself while taking back the mop to the corridor.

I moved back to the sitting room to fantasize the more.

“I think I like his kind,” I added, while wondering why he didn’t plant a kiss on my lips as I expected.

It has been quite a while I kissed a real man…. “Ucee! (I called out myself) take it easy oo before you move faster than your shadow and get hurt as usual,” I advised myself.

I think I should just prepare my mind for nothing less than good friendship and stop getting overly excited for nothing.

The best I can do right now is to watch how our communication flows within this week. Goshh! Tomorrow is Monday and so I gotta get ready for work.

So I had to hurry to my bedroom to pick my laptop and prepare one or two for work tomorrow.

Back to the sitting room with the laptop, I was still feeling like he was there because his presence was still felt with the sweet smell of his cologne …ugh!


My fantasies though.

“Get to work girl” I told myself.

As I lowered the volume of the Television to concentrate a bit, my phone rang***).

Oh! No … “not this time,” who could that be?

“Well, I guess it must be REX,” I told myself.

As I moved close to where I plugged the phone to see who was calling, lo and behold; it was the last person I was expecting his call…guess who?





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