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How To Keep Your Man From Cheating On You

Around 9:05pm, I heard disturbing knocks on the door and when I finally summed up the courage to open up, it was my close friend Rebeca, whom we all called Becky. She is a tall, huge, dark skinned and above all very pretty woman who was always full of life. But this time, she was drained with her own tears. Looking through those wet eyes of hers, I saw a hopeless woman who was ready to end life at that minute.

“Come here darling” was the words that came out of my mouth out of pity. She gave me a strong embrace that made me feel she never wanted me to lose grip of her. At that point, I managed to close the door after us and led her to the closest couch.

“What’s the problem?” I asked immediately.She was not able to say much; the only thing I kept hearing was: “Dezzy has killed me.”

Dezzy was her fiancé and had proposed to her just two months ago during her birthday celebration. He made the birthday so loud and romantic that other girls who attended could not help but envy Becky.

I kept wondering what could be the problem between these two enviable lovers. Well, I had to allow her to herself that night because I felt she needed it, but that did not prevent me from keeping a close watch on her before someone commits murder in my house.

Becky cried all through the night and was unable to catch some sleep; I pitied her because no pain can be compared to an emotional one. Around 6:00am in the morning was probably when her body could not carry the stress anymore and tricked her to sleep for about four hours.

By 10:30am, she woke up and had a hot bath, then joined me in the dinning for a little breakfast. I continuously watched her closely and provided every necessary thing she needed at that point like a change of clothes and so on. I left her and went to the sitting room to watch a TV program while she kept on with her breakfast.

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She later joined me in the sitting room to watch the program, but I knew her mind was completely absent. After few minutes, I heard her saying “I have played the fool”. She probably was thinking aloud as when I interrupted, she was taken aback.

I had to comfort her, making her feel superior to the challenges she was encountering at that time of her life, even when she had not told me what the problem really was. That singular act of mine made her open up to me what the problem was.

“Eve, do you know that Dezzy has impregnated another woman as we speak?” she said. I did not know when I screamed. I had to calm down to listen to her full story.

According to her, Dezzy got a woman named Jenny pregnant, and counting from the present month, she was four months gone. Dezzy was having his bath in preparation for their evening hangout when his phone rang and Becky had to inform him. But unlike in the past where he will tell her to pick the phone and tell the caller to call back, he told her to allow the phone.

The caller kept calling and she had no option than to pick the call. The caller turned out to be a female who was crying and raining abuses on Dezzy for impregnating and abandoning her. Becky thought it was a joke and had to end the call.

But she couldn’t stomach it and had to go through Dezzy’s phone; something she had never done. What she saw in his inbox confirmed her worst fears: Dezzy was cheating on her and had even gone to the extent of impregnating another girl.

After like five minutes, Dezzy came out of the bathroom and met her with tears in her eyes. The expected query came from Dezzy: “baby what’s wrong?” why are you crying?  She managed to hand his phone to him and as soon as Dezzy looked at the phone to see what she was reading, he knew the game was up for him.

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Becky told me that she became even more heartbroken when Dezzy admitted the fact that he was responsible for Jenny’s pregnancy and even went on to explain how he planned hiding it until after their wedding.

I had to console her with every word I knew. But deep within me, I was lost in thought: What exactly are we women doing wrong to merit our men cheating on us? What can we do to keep our men from looking outside and keeping side-chicks?

This singular question pushed me to go into research of what men wants from their women. I am glad I have found the answers and in my next post, I will share with you the thirteen secrets that will make your man stick with you and not go looking elsewhere.

In other not to make the post long, I had to split it into two so that you will enjoy reading it.

So ladies, are you ready to discover how to keep your man for yourself alone? Then click here to read the part two of this post so you can discover it.

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