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How to attract the right man through your dressing

As a woman, how you dress attracts your type of man; I hope you know that. Women have formed the habit of dressing overtly sexy like showing cleavages and going on transparent dresses to get the attention of men. When you are always seen on sex-inducing clothes, the message you send is that all you need in life at that moment is sex. Your dressing will attract the right man for yo. So, if you choose to be wearing sexy clothes, it will only end up not bringing honor and respect from men to you as a woman; instead, it will make men to start seeing you as a sex object.

If your purpose for dressing in a sexy way is to attract the right man to love and respect you, then you will wait until you are tired of waiting. Before a matured and focused type of man can love and respect you, you equally need to show him that you respect and acknowledge your dignity as a woman by being modest in your dressing, thoughts and actions.

How your dressing triggers sexual urge in men

I am not saying that dressing in an attractive way is bad, but it also depends on what you term attractive as a person. You will see a thirty-one year old woman dressing like a twenty-four years old girl; what message are you trying to pass on? In such case, you might end up attracting boys instead of the men you are looking for.

When your clothes are always too sexy, it will trigger the sexual urge in any man that cares to approach you. Remember that men are moved by their visuals; their stimulus respond easily to what they see. The mere sight of the female body triggers their sexual thoughts, though you as a woman might not believe and understand it.

Wearing sexy dresses as a woman can get a man’s attention but will not attract the kind of attention that will last long. The man will end up using you as his sex object instead of falling in love with you.


It takes a highly disciplined and trained man to refrain from sexual thoughts at the sight of a woman’s body. Many decent men wish to avoid these erotic thoughts but women make such dreams not attainable for them by their lack of virtue in their selection of modest clothes.

You don’t have to show off your body to attract the right man, only men who wants to take advantage of you sexually will encourage you to dress immodestly.

Dress to attract a long lasting love, respect and commitment

Before you dress up, ask yourself the following questions:

I know you don’t want men to play with you sexually without committing or to say ‘yes’ to a man that lacks self control by lusting over every pretty girl he connects with.

You want men to respect and value you as a woman, but hypocritically still dresses immodestly, provoking sexual desires from same men. By dressing overtly sexy, you tend to undermine your own dignity, presenting yourself as a sex object where the male folks are; thereby placing men in a higher standard than yourself.

If you are looking for a long lasting commitment like marriage, which connects two different souls and bodies, the best way to achieve that is being that person you would want your future man to be and such starts with your dressing. Your dressing exudes a strong personality and character of you even from a distance. Your dressing attracts the right man! Wake up to that reality dear.

Good men with wonderful personalities are still in existence. Intelligent men that will respect the woman in you and are willing to commit to a long lasting relationship are waiting for modestly dressed women with honorable personalities, not half-naked women. Modestly dressed women always carry the message of great reverence for their body and dignity as women. You need to learn from that, as a woman who wants to settle down with a man of great personality.

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Men will sincerely appreciate you if you always strive to be modest in your dressing; modesty as a virtue is very attractive. It displays confidence, high self-esteem, thoughtfulness and inner strength.

If you still have those frumpy dresses in your wardrobe, I think is time for you to change them to more modestly attractive clothes. This will not only attract the right man for you, but it will also help you raise your self-esteem and bring out the best in you as a growing woman.

Thanks for stopping by to read this, I will love to listen to your opinions and questions on this via your comments below, remember! We always look out for each other at stay cool!

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