How Do I know She is the Right Woman for Me

How Do I know She is the Right Woman for Me?

One of my favorite uncles visited last month and I started teasing him about marriage, he bluntly told me that he hasn’t seen the right woman for me. I couldn’t help but laugh at him. He asked to know what was funny about what he said. I simply answered him by rephrasing his question: “Uncle, how do you know the right woman?“. Lo and behold, he couldn’t say anything tangible and that got me thinking.

So many men are not married today because they can’t answer this question. There is no such thing as the right woman in the dictionary of relationship. When you love someone so deeply, you put your best to make the relationship work. If you want your woman to be your Mrs. Right, you try your best to communicate to her on areas she should work on herself for you both to be happy ever after.

You don’t have to jump from one woman to another all in the name of finding your MRS RIGHT. Look out for the following qualities in that woman you are dating or courting now. If she possesses seventy percent of them, that means she had an ‘A’ but if she is below average; don’t bug your head about that. The best gift you can give yourself is helping her to work on them; she might surprise you and will forever remain grateful to you.

The following qualities will make you ring her without thinking about it twice:

  • She is very open to corrections and you both learn from each other
    This is really one of the strong attractions that my man is using on me unknowingly. Every single day I learn from him; this is important. A woman that is incorrigible is worse than a nagging woman because she believes she knows it all. A good listener will make you a good wife. We all grew up in different communities, ethnicity, cultures, tradition and family background. With such, our approach to things are always very different. Make sure that whoever you are going to ring can take corrections, respect and listens to you; with such attributes she earns ‘the right woman for you’ label. This will keep your home from unnecessary argument and misunderstandings.
  • Can you trust her?
    This is the most important ingredient in any relationship. Trust is the driving force of any relationship, without it the relationship must crash. She must have earned your trust to an appreciable level in your life. A truthful and honest woman can win your trust in the shortest period.  She has to have an open mind towards you and vice versa. Remember to reciprocate too for her to be her best, because no one likes to play the fool when it comes to relationships. So if your answer to this question is yes, she is the right woman for you; you can start planning to order her ring.
  • When she reasons in the same pattern with you in most cases
    In most discussions, me and my man always finish the last sentence together; our thought patterns align very often.
    Your woman’s reasoning is very vital too. If you both seem to be on the same path most of the time when reasoning, you will find yourself willing to discuss any issue with her because of her sense of judgment, which you trust so well. This will even strengthen your bond without you knowing it, and at the same time enhance the level of communication between you two. In some cases you both may not agree which is normal, but if she can always shift grounds by seeing value in your points, please ring her for me.
  • Your goals in life somehow merges too
    If she has life visions that somehow connects to yours, then you should commit to her. No man wants a vision-less woman as a wife; not in this century. If she believes that, you both have to achieve your individual goals and enhance your lives positively, she is focused!
    Some women have this weird mentality of working to get the ring and leaving the rest for the man to worry about. Please check if she falls in that category and if she does, try to change her for her own good because; she is not the right woman for you. She has to be that determined kind of woman that believes not only in your own goals, but hers too so that you both can operate in the same frequency.
  • She appreciates every little thing you do for her
    It is said that when someone is appreciated for the little he/she has done, it will encourage the person to do more.  If she truly appreciates your little efforts towards her happiness, then she can’t be a mistake. Try to find out if her grateful attitudes towards little things truly come from her heart. For instance if you get her a gift, monitor how often she use it. That will truly show you that she values your little gestures.
  • She gives you your space
    Every individual has one or two hobbies like spending some time with friends and participating in sports for sports lovers, but most relationships tend to deny such privileges from you as a man. She should be the type that allows you live your individual life to an extent because being too possessive might do more harm than good to the relationship. If she prevents you from spending some time with your hobbies that keep you happy and bubbling, then communicate its importance to her for you both to strike a balance in your relationship.
  • When many around you love her
    Do you take time to see how your woman relates to people when you two are out for a dinner? For example, how does she relates to the waiter or waitress? It is important you know how she treats people and if most of your friends and family members love her attitude that is a good sign.
  • Do you find that peace of mind whenever you are with her?
    Whenever you are around your woman, there is this feeling of peace that should be around you indicating that all is well. It is important you experience peace and fulfillment when around her and not feelings of insecurity and uncertainty. If yes is your answer to this question that simply means she is the right woman for you.
  • You find yourself being yourself and feeling complete around her
    Whenever you are with her, there is this feeling of confidence and open mindedness you feel around her. You don’t see yourself pretending about anything around her. For example, if she requests for something and the money with you can’t afford it, you can boldly tell her the truth with no fear of rejection.
    You always see yourself smiling, laughing and strong to face the daily hustles of life whenever you are with her. If you experience this darling, please order for that ring in her name.

If you find out that she has up to seventy percent of the above listed influences in your life, please don’t allow her walk out of that door without going down the aisle with you. But if she is a little below average with the listed qualities; please don’t give up on her and your relationship. Try to talk about it with her and work with her for a positive change.

Thanks for stopping by to read this, I will love to listen to your opinions and questions on this via your comments below, remember! We always look out for each other at Stay cool!

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