hide and seek love


The neighborhood looked quite enchanting and beautiful, in a way that only a few appreciated. Jake stood off in distance taking random photo shots of people especially the bunch of girls taking selfies.

There was something ridiculously comical about the way they made faces at their camera…they chatted and giggled at each other completely ignoring him.

Well, lucky Jake; finally the pretty one with a shiny blonde hair noticed him.

Oh! No… introverted Jake quickly dashed off to his Audi car, he didn’t want to be called a pervert for the second time.

He drove as fast as he could… to quickly prepare the pictures    for the gallery. In his words “that’s the best part of being a professional photographer.”

Hmmm… the photos came out well with the additional effects.

His friend Jeremy couldn’t help but appreciate the lovely photos by confessing his lack of interest to marriage as a photographer too. “This is why I will marry my work,” Jeremy added.

Further waiting for the pictures, Jake decided to have his breakfast, although late as usual.

With his eyes still glued on the computer…looking closely for the second time (with mouth and eyes wide open; forgetting breakfast by his right hand side)…he rubbed his eyes again for clear vision.

…Behold it was her…LISA!

She was as stunning as he always knew she could be.

“So Lisa was among the girls taking selfies?” he retorted and grabbed his car keys…rushed out to see if he could still see her there.

He drove even faster and on reaching there, the entire street was empty.

Coming out of his car, he sat on one of the park chairs and quickly unlocked his long buried memories.

Lisa will still be around somewhere close hopefully,” he said to himself.


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