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How To Get Your Ex Back And Keep Them Permanently

My boyfriend and I have been together for five years and four months. Until last month that was supposed to be the fifth month, he ended our relationship. Sometime last year, he broke up with me with the lame excuse of my libido not high enough for him during our lovemaking. That excuse infuriated me because we have been enjoying our ‘beep boop’ for three and a half years, and he was just finding out that my libido wasn’t cool for him on our fourth year in the relationship. This was the sole reason I termed the excuse a lame one.

After the break up (as he demanded) in the fourth year of our relationship, I found out that I couldn’t stay without him because; I was still madly in love with him, which prompted my journey towards winning him back.

I posted sexy pictures of myself on my social media accounts (knowing that he must see them), and equally sent him positive and motivating messages via phone and emails. In the space of a month, he came back to me crying and begging me to accept him back, which I gladly did.

All this happened sometime last year and after that, we got happier and stronger; even the sex got better too. We discussed about our turn-on buttons in bed and the communication gave birth to good sex.

Do you know that four months later after the first break up we almost broke up again! It was my parents’ anniversary and I wanted him to get them a gift, which he bluntly refused with another inexcusable reason of my parents being too judgmental.  I found out that he felt my parents didn’t like him which wasn’t true. Later, we resolved our differences and everything was moving on well.

He made my last Valentine’s Day special, with his romantic letter, detailing how he was falling more and more in love with me every day. Only that made my day worthwhile.  We planned a weekend getaway, which I subscribed to paying the hotel bills while he handled the rest, still in the spirit of our Valentine’s Day celebration. Little did I know that I was going to come back from the romantic planned trip heartbroken!

We lodged for two days and we were passionate during our romantic stay. We kissed countless times, held hands and made mad love severally.  We had a memorable weekend.  The movie started just as we were about checking out as he muttered into my ears “this isn’t working out, I need a break,” I felt like a piece of snow fell on me. WTF…you knew you were going to break up with me and you made love to me like five times? That is man’s inhumanity to man.

I was instantly destabilized…I screamed and yelled at same time. He left me in front of the hotel without proper goodbye.

                                                                                                                                                                                ~Brooke Dodd.


From Brooke’s story, you can easily notice that her boyfriend has intimacy issues. Today, he is over loving her and tomorrow he will demand for a break.

The way he broke up with her was very wrong. He even went to extent of having mind-blowing sex with Brooke knowing he had a breakup plan in mind…too bad an experience to share.

You will also observe that his decision on the break up was not hastily done. He planned his game very well because he noticed that Brooke was vulnerable after their first break up experience. Just few days after the romantic Valentine’s Day letter, he still broke up with the woman he claimed to be falling deeply in love with each day.

If you are in Brooke’s shoes right now or your story or experience is more pathetic than hers, cheer up.

You can still get back your ex and keep him or her permanently so he or she doesn’t try to breakup with you again…I will show you how to achieve that shortly.

If you have decided to move on and get over your heartbreak, kudos to you!

However, if your thought still hovers around getting your ex back, then this piece is definitely for you.

I want you to bear in mind that winning your ex back is not the hard part; keeping them is. If they left you in the past, what will stop them from leaving again?

To help you achieve both, I just wrote an eBook with three guaranteed steps to winning and permanently keeping your ex.

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This eBook will show you all the wrong moves you should avoid and all the right moves you should make that will get your ex crawling on the floor and begging to have you back.

In my five years of experience helping people with breakups, I have seen people make these wrong moves repeatedly. If you follow the steps outlined in this eBook, you will not only get your ex back, but keep them permanently.

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