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Stop Doing These Things And Get The Girl (Leave the friendzone Mr. Nice Guy)

A man who allows himself to fantasize about the future with a girl he hasn’t made his intentions clear to, can be likened to someone that is in relationship purgatory; the friendzone card becomes inevitable in this case.

When you avoid making your intentions clear and keep hoping that one day your feelings will be reciprocated sounds like a time wasting dream because it may never come through. You don’t have to be scared of making your intentions clear because clarity is a gift and it will equally shorten your periods of fantasies if you are going to be friendzoned or rejected.

Well… check out the list of things that you are possibly doing wrong as a nice guy that have earned you the friendzone card for a while.

She probably takes you for granted because you are always available

If you are always available she will just perceive that you need her hand of friendship because, your too much availability will not give her the room to observe your chase tactics. With this, it will be an easy tasks for her to friendzone you. If you are guilty of this, then you necessarily need to change your game. Give her room to feel your chase by giving her some space. Don’t always appear available all the time.

Don’t add yourself to her girl gang by contributing to every tiny issues and lending ears to her girls gossips

Don’t waste your time discussing every tiny useless girls’ rants with her instead of using the opportunity to make your intentions known to her. When she sees you as someone that listens to every bullshits coming out from her mouth then, you are already with her friendzone card.

Trying too hard to please her by playing her doormat

You act as if your life depends on her approval by fulfilling all her demands; this is not advised if you truly want to win her love. You shouldn’t agree on every damn thing she wants, with such; your personality is perceived otherwise. You’ve got your own life and rules too, that way, she will trust and commit to you more as a lover not as a friend. I know you wouldn’t want to be referred to as a man with no opinions, right? You don’t necessarily live your life to impress her because the ‘Mr. Nice’ thing is not what works. If you are excessively nice, she might end up taking advantage of it, which is only natural of humans to do.


You are too afraid to make the move

Trust me; no one wants to be with a coward! No girl will ever dream to have a man that cannot speak his mind. If you do not make the right move on time, another will do that for you and such will automatically earn you the friendzone card on merit. You need to always speak your mind. This is the exact code the bad guys use to get any woman of their choice, thereby making the nice guys perceived as cowards in the eyes of women.


Stop giving unsolicited advice


Most nice guys have this annoying habit of reminding people what’s right and wrong. Remember, she has a mother and doesn’t want to see one in you. To be honest, no one appreciates moral lectures. You easily earn her friendzone card if you continue with such habit around her. She might even start avoiding you.


Nice guys choose to be boring


You didn’t see this coming, right! Nice guys unlike most bad guys have refused to be exciting just to earn the ‘nice guy’ label. They are not fun to be with, and I can bet that no girl wants to be with a man seen as boring. Women need excitement, fun, adventure and thrill, which they can never get from the nice guy. She probably doesn’t need you to remind her of her boring mundane life hence; your friendzone merit card.


The fact remains that you are friendzoned because you let girls’ friendzone you. Being a nice guy is not enough a reason to be spineless. You need to always object been put in the friendzone and see yourself escaping that always.

Thanks for stopping by to read this, I will love to listen to your opinions and questions on this via your comments below, remember! We always look out for each other at Stay cool!

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