you actually keep a relationship up and running without lying to her


In as much as women want their partners to be honest, it doesn’t mean they are honest in all ramification too. Can you actually keep a relationship up and running without lying to her? Most times, I wonder if it is possible or only heard of in movies or novels.

Look at the case scenario of a jealous girlfriend that misinterprets every meeting with a female friend. If caught in such situation what will you do? Won’t you result to lying to her to calm situations down a bit? I bet you will.

Imagine that your girlfriend confessed that the size of your penis is really small for her during lovemaking, wouldn’t you have preferred she told a lie instead? Such case scenario can even be worse off if she compares the size of your penis with that of her ex. You would prefer a lie to the truth in such situation bearing in mind that the size doesn’t matter in the act.

The truth is, lying to her without actually lying can keep your relationship healthy in most situations. Therefore, if you want to keep her happy, you’re going to have to learn how to lie and lie convincingly. This is one of the tricks the bad guys use to get any woman of their choice to be loyal for as long as they so wish.

Your past sexual history is not important…especially if it was a good experience

If your girlfriend asks you what it was like or how good your ex was, you can tell a lie if you have to.  You have to paint a picture of not too good an experience. Such will make her put more effort in the relationship for you to say good things about her. Don’t ever mention your ex in any discussion with your girlfriend because, it might create a negative effect in the long run.  Your girlfriend might start nursing the negative feelings that your ex is still on your mind.

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Make her know you find her very attractive…even if it’s a lie

When it comes to looks, as your partner, you have to make her feel she is a WOMAN by always appreciating her looks. Every woman has something beautiful, something sexy and attractive, and if you make her know that, she will be more confident, wilder and more passionate. But when she asks you about something you don’t really like about her looks, please don’t always tell her your true opinion, you are somewhat permitted to lie to her to make her happy in such situation. Just say that it is OK and pass over the moment. If you tell her that you don’t like her looks, she will feel frustrated and become more inhibited.

Pay attention to her sensibility and avoid expensive jokes

Everybody knows that women have more sensibility than men do. So pay attention to her sensibility and don’t make bad jokes about other people (especially her family and friends) or let her know when you are up to take the cat and throw it out through the window.  She will find you insensitive and you will lose points.  Use your common sense and try not to hurt your woman’s feelings even if you have to lie to her from time to time.

Generally, lying is a bad thing to do but, when it has to do with the feelings of your woman, you really have no choice than to lie. You need to know that the little white lies you tell, will not hurt her because it only serves as reassurance every now and then; it’s therefore very okay to tell her what she wants to hear.

Thanks for your time; I will love to listen to your opinions and questions on this via your comments below. Remember, we always look out for each other at Stay cool!

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