Signs you are only but his side-chick

Ladies, listen up. Some species of men claim to be very smart with women by having girlfriends who think they are ‘main chicks’ while they are actually side-chicks with a big label. This is the reason you have to be extra smart to catch the culprit before they add you to their side-chick victims. It is always a thing of joy to know that you are the only woman that your man professes love to. But with today’s fast-paced world, such is becoming a challenging task for women. The level of playing around with women by some bad exampled men is on the increase. There is possibility of you hooking up with a guy who has a serious date but wants to keep as his side-chick. As a woman, you need to play with caution especially when that your new man changes his status to ‘in a relationship’. How sure are you that you are the only one he is referring to with such status? You seriously need to become wiser. If you are much into the relationship than he is or his behavior is a little bit weird to you, then it’s time to change the game to suit you both. I can remember meeting a guy who claimed he was coming to see my parents by the end of the year for marriage talks. We talked often on the phone like 3-4 times daily, but he never asked me to come see him or was eager to come either as our locations were far apart. It wasn’t a good sign for me. Guess what I did! Since the distance was already there, I had to get close to his friend that equally had an eye on me just to get information about my new man from him. Lo