madly in love

“I’m Madly in Love; how do I let go?”

You find yourself madly in love, maybe for the first time in your life. You felt that they were your perfect match and possibly your last bus stop. While on the contrary, they don’t want to be with you or maybe did recently have a change of mind. What comes next? A break-up that has left you devastated. The only important message that your instinct passes to you is how to get them back.

THE MOMENT OF DECISION ~Walking Away Wasn’t Easy For Me But I Had To.

Our ending was so difficult because the truth was, we never actually began anything. We danced in this gray area of almost and one day and fantasies that never would become reality. But that didn’t mean goodbye didn’t break me when we finally said it. It didn’t make it easier walking away when all I wanted to do was turn back around. Leaving didn’t mean I didn’t love you but I had to learn to love myself. Pain did not come knocking first, asking if we were finally a couple. It did not discriminate against anyone. It merely went after it’s victims for a feeling. And what I felt for you was so strong, I held on longer than I should have because I did think we’d end up together one day. I think I loved you more because you never were mine but I wanted you to be. But it became a tired game I felt I was playing alone. I couldn’t do it anymore. I couldn’t keep trying to be enough because it wasn’t about being my best, what it came down to was we weren’t right for each other. Loving you as deeply as I could wouldn’t change that. Eventually, I stopped believing in us. Eventually, I realized I might have been wrong, investing so much of my heart into someone. So I said goodbye and it completely broke me. Letting you go was the hardest thing I ever did but I knew something good would come of it. Don’t text me. Don’t call me. Don’t keep following me and liking everything I post. Because I quit. If it’s a game you wanted, it’s a game you won but when it comes to love, I’m the type of person who plays for keeps. And you were never