spice up your sex life


Let’s face it: sex is an integral part of every romantic relationship. It ignites the fire that keeps the relationship burning. If you can spice up your sex life, then you are in for a sweet and long-lasting relationship. Whether you like it or not, if you cut off sex from a relationship, the passion that previously existed between both partners fade away. The fact that many people tend to shy away from, is that commitment cannot be felt without the desired physical manifestation of attraction, which is SEX.

Marriage is a beautiful thing


“Marriage is a beautiful thing”. We hear this everyday and yet the number of divorce cases keeps increasing by the day. Does it mean that marriage has lost its beauty and flavor? Why is it difficult for people to enjoy a “happy ever after” experience with marriage these days? As a relationship counselor, it gives me a lot of concern to see some marriages crash within months or even weeks after wedding. This is not supposed to be so. Marriage is meant to bring joy, peace and fulfillment in the lives of the couple. In my experience as a relationship expert, I have come to understand that many people go into marriage with the wrong mindset and for the wrong reasons. This is exactly why their marriages don’t last. In this article, I will be outlining the top ten things you must bear in mind before going into marriage.



Inner games in this context are those positive practices we carry out in other to replace negative conditioned thoughts and stereotyped feelings since childhood. They are designed to enhance mental health with positive vibes. Inner games also help in building strong bond between lovers. You need to know that inner games can positively influence the body language response you get from your partner or lover. Sixty percent of the communication signals we send and receive are because of how others perceive us; thirty percent flows from the way they hear us while; ten percent comes from the words we say at that point in time.

fall in love

What makes a man fall in love with a woman?

Question: Why do you love her? Answer: I don’t know, all I know is that I’m madly in love with her. The above question was what I asked one of my male friends that came complaining to me about his girlfriend’s attitude towards him; stating it clearly that he can’t let her go even in the manner she was treating him. Funny as it may sound, most men don’t even know why they are in love with their women, and neither do they know when the love started developing.

low sexual libido

How to cope with a partner who has low sexual libido

Loss of sexual desires is the most common sexual dysfunction found in many, ranging from age 18-50. In marriage, sex is a connective tie that binds and brings out the true intimacy between two people. But behind closed doors, low sexual libido gap between couples are unimaginable to the extent that it is estimated that one out of four couples are in such great costly mess. If you listen to Doctors and marriage counselors, lack of sexual desires top the list of complaints by many couples. There is always a problem when a spouse desires sex more than the other does. If your partner has a low sexual libido condition, you can help him/her by changing a little bit on your approach to such frustration. You both have to acknowledge the fact that there is a problem and act proactively in solving it.

taking good care of your body

How to take care of yourself as a woman: simple things that keep your man committed

Taking good care of your body should be an integral part of you as a young growing woman. You should cultivate the habit of staying healthy and grooming yourself well. What you don’t know about your man is that he does pay attention to how you treat yourself especially when it has to do with healthy living. It gives him clue on how you will handle the home when he has probably made you his wife.  The following will outline how you can achieve a healthy living as a young woman:

attract the right man

How to attract the right man through your dressing

As a woman, how you dress attracts your type of man; I hope you know that. Women have formed the habit of dressing overtly sexy like showing cleavages and going on transparent dresses to get the attention of men. When you are always seen on sex-inducing clothes, the message you send is that all you need in life at that moment is sex. Your dressing will attract the right man for yo. So, if you choose to be wearing sexy clothes, it will only end up not bringing honor and respect from men to you as a woman; instead, it will make men to start seeing you as a sex object.

How Do I know She is the Right Woman for Me

How Do I know She is the Right Woman for Me?

One of my favorite uncles visited last month and I started teasing him about marriage, he bluntly told me that he hasn’t seen the right woman for me. I couldn’t help but laugh at him. He asked to know what was funny about what he said. I simply answered him by rephrasing his question: “Uncle, how do you know the right woman?“. Lo and behold, he couldn’t say anything tangible and that got me thinking.

prevent your man from cheating on you

13 Things You Should Do To Prevent Your Man From Cheating On You

If you read the love story of my friend Becky in the part one of this post, you will have no option than to feel pity for her. But what if there was something she was supposed to do, but wasn’t doing it? After deep analysis of their situation, I understood that there were many things she would have done to help prevent her man from cheating on her in the relationship, which led to the ugly situation she encountered. This is what I will share with you so that you can avoid it and have your man wanting you and you alone. So what does your man really want from you so he won’t have to look elsewhere? Let’s look at it:

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