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What Is The Ideal Age Gap If Age Really Matter In Relationships?

Age gap relationship advice is always the first thing every new date sought for before finally deciding to start a lasting relationship. The popular saying “age is just a number” is not even practiced by those that say it. Once they are cut-up in a relationship with a partner not close to their age, you will start hearing panicking queries like; what is the good age difference in a relationship?

Age is not a perfect indicator when it comes to relationship. To the question of the day: should age play a role in relationship? Yes! Age can and do play an important role in a person’s personality thereby affecting his/her functions in the relationship.

This is simply saying that age gap relationship advice can only be necessary when the age of the person begins to affect his/her conducts in the relationship. With age gap relationship advice, there is no right or wrong answer to this, because what affects Mr. A, might not affect Mr. B even with same age differentials; and that makes it a pretty hard nut to crack.

I want you to know that age signifies so much more than just a number (as popularly used).  Your age most times reflect your level of maturity, experience and stage in life. Nevertheless, age can be deceptive too, for instance; not every 22-year-old boy reason alike with his mates. Some are already steps ahead of their mates in life with success evidences; and it applies to girls too. Just as the saying goes “different strokes for different folks” that you failed doesn’t mean that another will.

Age gap relationship advice is very important especially for teenagers because, as a young growing boy/girl, the early part of your age are stages for self-development and discovery. The later part of your age is  the time for self-security and acceptance of your personality. For example, your little kid brother ( as a girl) was so annoying when he was 10 years old, what about now that he is 19 years old? You will notice that you rapport with him better than how it was when you both were kids; that is the effect of age and maturity.

When you have grown to the level that you are secured with your identity and personality that is when maturity sets in because; at this stage, societal judgments don’t matter much to you. This is the stage where age difference in relationship wouldn’t matter to you.

Age gap relationship advice can play a big role in the success of any relationship. I want you to consider the following points if you are dating someone with either an older age gap or younger age gap difference; the following will help you decipher if your relationship will last.

What is your age and that of your partner today?

This is a vital question that you must give answer to because; your relationship might seem blissful in the beginning and whither in the end. If both of you are still in your twenties with little age gap, the worry about age difference in your relationship will be very minimal but when it has to do with age fifties and sixties the worry can never be over-emphasized at this point.

Emotional maturity and accommodation of interests/ habits

This particular factor poses a very big threat in age gap relationship advice. It is a big factor to consider because it determines the longevity of your relationship. You don’t expect a 23-years-old girl to act same way with a 35-years-old woman in an anger control test. The older you are in age the calmer you are. The younger age is always impatient and restless unlike the older folks that might have been humbled by life experiences.

You equally have to consider your interests. What habits do you have in common with your partner?  Do you workout in the morning together! Do you love cooking with him/her in the kitchen? Such interests that create bond between both of you should be known.

Peradventure you both have nothing in common, you had better get ready for disagreements in many things; and such smells doom for the relationship.

Insecurities associated with the already existing age gap

Hope your insecurities can be managed very well, take for instance; seeing your partner enjoy his or her own age type of conversation. Hope you won’t start feeling that your partner enjoys or connects better with those his/her age bracket!

What about family planning and possible past relationship baggage (like kids from divorced partner), have you thought of that too?

Can he/she tolerate living with your kids as a divorcee? Can you live with your partner’s past dating problems? Are you interested in having kids and does that go down well with your partner? These are questions that must be answered; with such details, you can forecast the future of your age gap relationship.

Can you grow old with your partner knowing that his/her energy level will depreciate with time?

If you can cope with the age gap and energy drop with time then, you are ready for a lasting relationship with your partner.

I want you to bear in mind that no matter how true your love for an under 18 teen is, you are close with a legal problem.
Focusing more on the age gap relationship advice can really be a waste of energy and time, when such energy can be channeled into the building of sustainable grounds for your relationship to stand the test of time.

Don’t be in the habit of attributing every misunderstanding you’re having with your partner with the age gap in the relationship; such can really suck! Address the age difference issues when it is necessary, you don’t need to dominate your conversations with age gap advice.



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  1. In a relationship there should be a level playing ground so no one feels cheated.
    So there should be no age difference..

    That way you know he/she loves and respects you not because you are older but because you deserve it.

    Besides, you’d be sure you two will die around the same time.
    So you don’t shortchange yourself by dying first while your partner screws around.

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