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5 IRRESISTIBLE CHARMS THAT WILL MAKE HER FALL FOR YOU (You Can Make Her Fall In Love With You At First Sight…It Works!)

Have you ever wondered why your nice car and accomplished career can’t make her fall for you?
How many times did you pound the dashboard of your Corvette bewailing this persistent question?

You seriously need to understand that the avenue for romance is littered with road-kill hearts and unrequited love. If you think you’re unique in your loneliness, then you need to think again. There are enough dashboards pounding out there to start a global orchestra of dire distress.

However, you don’t need to be hopeless right now before you spin out of control. You need to deploy the airbags as fast as possible.

These five strategic maneuvers should cruise you back on track, let’s hit the road now:

Dressing Decent to Kill

Dress to kill all the time. Though I’m not implying you wear $5000 suits to the grocers or the Rolex to walk the dog. What I’m saying is that you should dress decently each time you hit the streets. Dab on some cologne. Be neatly shaved. Women are everywhere, if you dress with flash only at the bar or the party; you’re missing out on 95% of eligible women. Some of the best relationships started during chance encounters at the bus stop.

Intensify the Copulatory Gaze (Eye Contact)

When exploring new relationship, intensify the eye contact. Lock deep into her pupils and let the rest of the world disappear even as a horde of supermodels troop by. You will naturally thrill her with such attention as she experiences the tendrils of growing attraction.
Get your eyes even sexier by popping out your pupils because, dilated pupils are far more attractive to women.

How does one get the pupils popping?

It is quite simple. Just be gazing at the most alluring parts of a woman’s face and fill your mind with loving caring thoughts. Your pupils naturally grow, endowing you with irresistible eyes. That gaze can really make her fall for you.

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Visual Caress

Get your eyes to do some facial travel as you chat. Linger a bit on the nose, traipse across those lashes and rest upon the lips. Drink in her facial features as though you were admiring the Mona Lisa. She will delight in the attention and be wishing for more!

Pay more attention to Easter Eggs as She Talks

Listen carefully for Easter eggs as she talks. Those unusual words or phrases that she utters are referred to as Easter Eggs.  Always request she expound on such words when muttered. For instance, “What’s the story behind that?” or “How do you feel about that?”
You need to bear in mind that women love to be probed for their opinions and their feelings. Gently bring out her emotions with sensitive open-ended questions. This is one hidden law of attraction you should explore.

Pick out emotionally charged subjects and ask her how she especially relates to them

You Men talk facts, which is totally different when women are involved. Women delight in feelings talk like; how the new dress makes them beautiful, how that special meal got them all giddy with ecstasy, how their shopping expedition drains their deepest problems away. Leverage this by steering away from facts talk. You will automatically be her new confidant, thereby achieving your sole goal of making her fall in love with you.

Yea… all these sound so common to your ears, but the question is; how many of you actually practice this with all honesty?

This simply means that you need to get out there and be the man women fall for. Remember! Common sense is not common, be smart!

Thanks for stopping by to read this, I will love to listen to your opinions and questions on this via your comments below, remember! We always look out for each other Stay cool!

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