prevent your man from cheating on you

13 Things You Should Do To Prevent Your Man From Cheating On You

If you read the love story of my friend Becky in the part one of this post, you will have no option than to feel pity for her. But what if there was something she was supposed to do, but wasn’t doing it? After deep analysis of their situation, I understood that there were many things she would have done to help prevent her man from cheating on her in the relationship, which led to the ugly situation she encountered. This is what I will share with you so that you can avoid it and have your man wanting you and you alone.

So what does your man really want from you so he won’t have to look elsewhere? Let’s look at it:

  • Make Yourself Attractive:
    Yes! Your man should always find you attractive, though your physical attraction should not be the only reason for his desires towards you; but will be foundation. Being attractive is something under your control and you don’t need to be miss world to achieve that as a woman. Aside physical beauty, you need to build yourself to be attractive in other areas of your life. Being attractive goes beyond physical appearance; it extends to other qualities that makes you the real you such as, your communication and understanding skills, your strength, your dreams and aspirations in life and your charisma. All of these are your selling points (SP) that will attract and endear your man to you.

    Even as a very pretty woman, you will still find it very difficult to keep your man if your level of attraction is low. If you have insecurity and low self-esteem problems, it can bore any man and equally tend to be unattractive too. Insecurity is the mother to desperation whose endpoint is always not attractive. With those two negative qualities, you may find it extremely hard to keep any man of your choice.

    Work on your attraction; build up yourself to appear attractive to your man. He does not even want you to be “Mrs. Perfect”, so don’t bore him with that your self-doubt issues because it is very unattractive. Own up to your imperfections and work on yourself because that will attract him more and prevent him from cheating on you.


  • Be his Object of Inspiration:
    A good relationship is not all about your physical body looks and your sex skills in bed. You have to offer more than sex for him to value you in his life, remember he can buy sex if it was all he needed. The earlier you get that into your head as a woman the better for your relationship. Make your man feel inspired, tell him how you believe in him, in what he does and how he does them. Your ability to reach him deeply will make him value your togetherness more. This will also push him to confide in you and trusting that you will always get the picture better than another will. Men generally have deep unconscious fear about life and at same time have dreams, aspirations and hopes. Therefore, as his woman you need to help him achieve his mission in life by always inspiring him to reach his ultimate potentials as your man.


  • Channel your Energy towards Building a Healthy Relationship:
    Instead of worrying and complaining that the ring is not coming as at when expected, such energy should be geared towards making your relationship stronger and healthier. Get out of those fears and insecurities because they might end up delaying the date of the ring further. Yes! You must have suffered frustration and betrayals in your past relationships, but such emotions like frustrations and insecurities can only repel your man and leaving you in misery. Try as much as you can to find love and self-fulfillment in your relationship independent of your worries. With that, you will have little or no time to worry about the date of the ring. Your energy should be spent on finding out how to love your man the way that is deeply meaningful and valuable to him rather than worrying about him calling it quit with you without the ring.


  • You Need to Be a Happy Woman that Smiles Always:
    Men naturally have a lot to think about, they have to fix many things around them. You as a woman who thinks that your man should also fix you by making you happy tend to be a boring venture to him. No man can fix your happiness for you because each and everyone is responsible for his or her own happiness. Don’t leave your man feeling frustrated or failed with your unhappy mood; men don’t like that. Everyone has his or her downtime, but be happy most of the time because that makes you more attractive.
    If you must know, one of your attractive tools as a woman is your smiles because when you are happy, it radiates outwardly and makes everyone around you feel good and comfortable.


  • Men Always Want to Feel Masculine:
    No man enjoys the fact that his woman bosses him around as if she’s his mom. For the love of Mike, allow your man to man you. Hope you got that? He sure doesn’t want to date a mom, so always give that masculinity a room for him to feel more confident and strong around you. There is no need for you, as a woman to be calling all the shots in your relationship, please don’t dwarf your man with that because he isn’t finding that funny. If you are the control freak type of a woman, work to keep it under check. It might look as if your man is the pushover type but don’t ever relay on such and take advantage of him, it will leave an unbalanced void in your relationship which is very unhealthy for you. I’m not saying you shouldn’t say your mind as a woman but don’t allow yourself go overboard in your opinions, like making them look like rules or commands.


  • Be a Sensual and Thoughtful Woman:
    He also wants you to be thoughtful with what he needs at a particular time. For instance, after a stressful day, a lovely text message can go down well to work wonders for him. Buying his favorites, be it gifts or snacks, can really work wonders in your relationship. What you don’t know is that it can push him to start reciprocating if he isn’t doing that already.
    Your level of sensuality also matters to him, for example, your tone of voice, eye contact, your smiles, your body language and so on. I can remember the first time my man spoke to me; he couldn’t help but appreciate my voice and the way I laughed; that was the first attraction.


  • Be Trustworthy:
    You need to give him the benefit of doubt that he can always trust you on anything. Remember that the word “trust” is a big problem in relationships. As you are looking for a man you can trust, so are men looking for a woman they can trust.Try always to keep up to your words because it will pass a strong message on your integrity and personality. You need to let him understand that he is safe with you. He needs you to prove to him that during his bad moments in life that you will still be there to support and stand by him. Let’s face the truth; it is not easy to be a man. Men carry many burdens on their shoulders and with that, they tend to get frustrated and confused too. He needs to know that during such moments of his life, that you will not only understand but will also personalize it and stand by him. Such will prove to him that your love is unconditional and he will allow his true self to manifest whenever he is with you.


  • Prepare Yourself for Regular Sex:
    Maybe not immediately, but when a commitment must have been made such as, serious dating or marriage, you need to give him sex as regularly as he needs it. Don’t see it as a duty, but find a way to find fun in it too. As a woman, you need to prepare for regular sex because just as food is important to you, so is sex is to a man too.Don’t give room for him to start feeling otherwise so that a good side chick will not help you out leaving you to your own misery. Don’t forget that men naturally has higher sex drive and therefore tend to find excitement and pleasure in sex. Life without sex for a man is like a life without passion. Sex issues are always ranking high in a problematic or epileptic marriage.


  • You need to know how to cook:
    This one is very vital, it is said that a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. If you must give him, reasons to be stuck with you, let this be one of your cardinal tools. Make delicious meals for him that will make him want you often. Don’t get it twisted dear, I’m not suggesting your second room to be the kitchen, but being a good cook and making a good meal for your romantic dinner with your man is encouraged.


  • Learn to be Natural around him:
    Wearing makeup is good as a woman, but also cultivate the habit of been natural around your man. Don’t wear that makeup around him all the time, they also want to appreciate your natural looks. When you always wear that crazy makeup around him, it gives him a suspicious feeling that you might be hiding something for him. He might start seeing you as someone that is not real and tend not to believe most of the things you say to him.


  • Learn to accommodate his Friends:
    Try to always be polite to his friends even if you can’t stand some of their attitudes, because your man will always stick up for his male friends anytime any day Hun! He will appreciate you more if you are respectful to his friends, co-workers and family; such will prove to him that you love and respect him too. Always try to accommodate those that matter to him.


  • Reduce your level of jealousy with his female friends:
    It’s pretty difficult especially if you have once been cheated on in your past relationships, but you have to act confident by cutting down your jealousy around his female friends. Don’t confront him on issues of doubt without proof, so that he will not see you as an insecure or an unsure woman; such characteristics can be very unattractive to men. If you notice that females flirt around your man, which I know can be very provoking, the best you should do is to introduce yourself and your position in his life with a very attractive smile (hahahahahahahaha). Your kind gestures can kill them more and at same time boost your confidence around your man.


  • Please try not to change your man:
    Don’t enter your relationship hoping to change your man because it must back fire. No man wants to be changed by you as his woman; love your man for what and whomever he represents. You have to accept him the way he is for him to respect you too. this is a very important point that will prevent him from cheating on you. Don’t push him to always do things the way you want it to be done because that will leave him very unhappy around him. If you find out that he is not doing some things rightly, politely discuss it with him and allow him take his time to come around with that. It is not easy for someone to change some habits so easily; it is a gradual process. You can even help him by living by example with those attitudes that tend to be his weaknesses. Allow him to be himself because that will always attract him around you. Love him for who he is and not for who you want him to be for you. Instead of nagging him out with the things he isn’t doing right, why not change it the other way by always telling him his wonderful traits that you respect about him. Such will help him build more confidence and listen to you when you complain of any of his weaknesses knowing that you always do appreciate him. I am not saying you should keep quiet over issues of concern in your relationship, but you should always have it at the back of your mind that no one is perfect, you inclusive. Men change when they must have decided to change; don’t force it down on him.

If you can implement all these or even a considerable number of it, you will discover your man will become so attached to you that his friends will think you hypnotized him.

Thanks for stopping by to read this, I will love to listen to your opinions and questions on this via your comments below, remember! We always look out for each other at Stay cool!

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  1. Nice writing, I discovered I was erring in some of them. I will work on this and see what difference it will make in my relationship

  2. Dey say a man actually knowz who he wants, no mata wot u do, if u r nt d 1 den u r absolutely not. Nw my question is dis, if one situation is lyk dis, Wil applyin all dese ur techniques mks him(the guy) change is mind and luv and be wit one instead???

    1. Thanks for stopping by to comment.

      I agree with you dear, but for a man to come to you means there’s an attraction; i’m not creating the impression that you should force yourself on a man. As a woman waiting to settle down, I advice you to work on yourself with many of these qualities and you will enjoy the everlasting attraction you will have on your man.

      My answer to your question is yes because no one is labelled the right woman or man, you only make yourself right for your partner. Thanks

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