the misunderstood woman


As I was  standing there, still confused whether to open for Gerald or not, an idea came to my head on how best I can come out of this messy situation that can cost me my newly found joy if not handled probably. “Yes! I think I should call him back and tell him to go down to where he packed his car that I will be joining him soon,” I advised myself. Immediately, I had to call him and did exactly what my spirit told me. ME: Hello, Gerald. GERALD: Yes baby ME: Please go down to your car, enter inside and drive out of the gate…even a little down the street. Let me change into something better and meet you up there.

the misunderstood woman


Approaching my door, I started hearing someone calling out my name accompanied with heavy knocks on my door. Who the hell would be knocking on my door in this rascal manner? It can only be my nosy neighbor, Onyinye. As I Unlocked and opened the door, my guess was right; it was her. Trying not to get angry, I calmly asked her, “Onyinye what is it this night? Why are you banging my door and screaming out my name in that manner?” “My problem pass this English wey you dey speak now,” she responded.

the misunderstood woman


Gerald? Why is he calling now? I thought to myself. (Picks the call before it cuts******) ME: Hello GERALD: Hello baby ME: Hmm…baby kwa? Since when? GERALD: Baby stop acting up naa…you have always been my baby and that’s not about to change anytime soon. ME: (laughs for about 6 seconds) really? GERALD: Yes Ucee! ME: I wonder why you sounded so confident. Let me guess…..because I’m too good that I will fold my arms and probably cross my legs and wait for you to come back to me… right? Nonsense, please why did you call my line?

the misunderstood woman


Even though I wasn’t expecting it, he drew me close with his right hand and whispered to my left ear, “Promise me that our next meeting will be in my house”. To be candid, I was disappointed. I was expecting something different, but I had to hide my disappointment and pretended to be normal. ME: Sure! I promise, you just send me the address later in the week. REX: Thank you…seriously I had fun. ME: Same here dear…. (As he gently unlocks the door and we both steps out). REX: Do you really have to walk me to my car? ME: Yes, just as you helped me unlock the door (and we both laughed about it). He held my right hand as we walked down the staircase, I must admit; it felt really good. It has been a while I felt a gentle man like REX hold me so innocently.

The misunderstood woman


(Pours out the last glass of my homemade smoothie and moves back into the sitting room to join REX) ME: (chuckles) hope I didn’t take too long? REX: (beams up a lovely smile) not at all dear, at least I’m enjoying the sports news. ME: Men and football games (I was right when I guessed he would prefer the sports channel anyway), I wonder when you guys will stop. REX: Football is part of us you know! ME: I see…(handing over a glass of my homemade smoothie to him). REX: Thank you very much (sips it immediately). REX: Hmmm…this tastes good! Thanks for sharing with me. ME: You are welcome. REX: (lowers the volume of the TV and turned to my direction) Ucee!

The misunderstood woman


He came out of his black Toyota Highlander (2016 model) and locked it. In a pair of blue colored trousers, an ash colored polo and a black suede shoe; he was looking good I must confess. Trust my curiosity, I was peeping through my window to assess him before he gets close on my door to announce his arrival with a knock. He was looking good and simple (exactly the way I like it). A dark in complexion tall guy, his body size was exactly the way I love it (masculine) and I started building up sweet fantasies (I’m very good at that); those sheepish smiles of mine overwhelmed my lovely made-up face…..thanks to the Knock on my door, which brought me back from dreamland. You know the trick….right?

hide and seek love


The neighborhood looked quite enchanting and beautiful, in a way that only a few appreciated. Jake stood off in distance taking random photo shots of people especially the bunch of girls taking selfies. There was something ridiculously comical about the way they made faces at their camera…they chatted and giggled at each other completely ignoring him. Well, lucky Jake; finally the pretty one with a shiny blonde hair noticed him.

party, kiss, misguided


We met at a colleague’s engagement party. As usual, I was late. Most people were already into their third glass of wine. But then, I had to stay back late at the office and work. I spotted him almost immediately I stepped into the dimly lit hallway. People were standing in pairs or in a group, talking and laughing. He stood alone by the door. Sipping from a glass and looking unwelcome. I took my eyes off him and searched for our host, who was at a far corner of the room, having a chat with some guests. I walked up to them and exchanged pleasantries.

spice up your sex life


Let’s face it: sex is an integral part of every romantic relationship. It ignites the fire that keeps the relationship burning. If you can spice up your sex life, then you are in for a sweet and long-lasting relationship. Whether you like it or not, if you cut off sex from a relationship, the passion that previously existed between both partners fade away. The fact that many people tend to shy away from, is that commitment cannot be felt without the desired physical manifestation of attraction, which is SEX.

Marriage is a beautiful thing


“Marriage is a beautiful thing”. We hear this everyday and yet the number of divorce cases keeps increasing by the day. Does it mean that marriage has lost its beauty and flavor? Why is it difficult for people to enjoy a “happy ever after” experience with marriage these days? As a relationship counselor, it gives me a lot of concern to see some marriages crash within months or even weeks after wedding. This is not supposed to be so. Marriage is meant to bring joy, peace and fulfillment in the lives of the couple. In my experience as a relationship expert, I have come to understand that many people go into marriage with the wrong mindset and for the wrong reasons. This is exactly why their marriages don’t last. In this article, I will be outlining the top ten things you must bear in mind before going into marriage.

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